What Others Are Saying

“Unique, terrific, and one-of -a kind! Coach Kat has a clever knack for expressing some profound and important ideas about self-sabotage in a down-to-earth way. People who are serious about breaking past their limitations and into the success they deserve can learn a lot by studying this book. I know I did.”


Erfan Hettini
America’s Ambassador of Entrepreneurship
and the author of
“101 Reasons You Should Fire Your Employer
and Start Your Own Business”



 ritchiehaleRitchie Hale of ELAH Group Ltd. (Australia), a client, says: “Having been coached by Coach Kat, we put in place all that she taught and here is the result from one 48-hour campaign.

We ran a web marketing exercise against 1050 subscribers on our quilting double opt-in list. We sold 91 sets of DVDs at $155 each earning ourselves $14,105! That is a 9% conversion rate and $13.43 per subscriber on average! Thanks loads for your guidance!”



CynthiaDaddonaCynthia Dadonna
On-Air Personality
Author of “Diary of a Modern Day Goddess”
An Amazon.com Top Seller

Just wanted to thank you for all of your excellent coaching!

You jump started us into another realm of success and made it fun.  Thank you for your enthusiasm, insights, wisdom, examples and guidance.

We shall continue with our progress and we look forward to showing you our progress and success along the way.  We both wish you continued success.


With Gratitude,
~Cynthia Daddona of www.ModernDayGoddess.com
~James Stathis of www.CelebrateGreece.com


My coach helped me define what I really wanted and we had an action plan to get there. Normally, I would have gotten part-way through my action plan and switched gears, but Coach Kat helped me create a system to keep myself focused. That has become my anchor for getting things completed, as well as learning new things about myself.

She has really been where I am now, both professionally and personally, so we really related to each other. Because the rapport was developed right up front, we did not have to waste time with trust issues; we were able to just jump right in on the assignments.

I also really liked that Coach Kat worked from her computer instead of working from Starbucks or from her car on the highway. She was able to give me her complete attention and offer me real advice. She was also able to get emails that I sent her as we talked, and she was able to get on Google with me while we talked and help me find needed resources. She could not do that if she was not committed to me and my goals at every moment of our time together.

Her book is a complete reflection of all that she teaches in her coaching sessions.

~ Beverly Samuel, Kokomo IN of www.PhoenixImageInstitute.com


The greatest help came in the form of life coaching. Kat has excellent practices, such as the journaling, that I have continued to use as a daily help both in understanding my own habits, setting a daily plan, and helping to make sense out of confusion. Kat had a very well-rounded understanding of how I function as a person and we addressed the “hobby” mentality versus the “business” model and mentality.

Perhaps the biggest help was in my understanding that I didn’t need to know everything about a subject or project to begin it. I am walking in the dark a lot now, but I understand that it’s OK to know where one is going but not know how to get there. So, I just keep taking one step at a time even though I feel my learning curve on this project is very narrow, indeed.

~ Linda Bardes, Minneapolis MN


The book and course was to the point and direct. I knew exactly what to expect before each coaching session and how to be prepared for them. I was able to quickly understand each topic and put the concepts and instructions to use. I think most importantly I learned how to follow up on my progress and make sure that I was on track and completing tasks that I had set for myself.

~ Steven Minor, Norfolk VA


The best thing about the process? Getting to know your story, hearing the same struggles I face and realizing I can do this. Also the control over my time thanks to accountability to time managment techniques that I knew but had not been practicing.

What can be improved? …I thunked and thunked and nuthin’ clunked.

I am grateful for the guidance and your input in my life. All the best as you forge ahead with your future experience.

In Abundance,

Kent Farquarharson


…The accountability of completing tasks on a weekly or biweekly basis and having someone to bounce ideas and questions off of was what we liked best.

The program seemed really short…twelve weeks sure goes by fast! It was great help and I know we wouldn’t be where we are today without it.

~ John and Rochelle Roberson of www.TheFineChinaStore.com, Laredo TX