Women Entrepreneurs: Self Mastery

I remember the moment I realized that I didn’t have to have hurt feelings or emotional pain surrounding different challenges or events in my life. I was 30 years old and had discovered and began to embark on an accelerated … Continue reading

Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Sexism…Yes, Sexism

I never thought I would come face-to-face with the sexist attitudes some men still have about powerful women in business! I thought it was something that “others” may have experienced and that it did not matter if only a small … Continue reading

Getting Back to Basics with the Law of Attraction

When I first learned of the law of attraction, I felt that I knew about it all along, on an intuitive level.  This was exactly what Oprah said when she had the guest panel from the movie “The Secret” on … Continue reading

Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Establishing Healthy Boundaries

When I have talked about the differences between the Employee Mindset and the Entrepreneurial Mindset, I have oftentimes encountered my clients who believe they have the entrepreneurial mindset tell me, “I’ve been so busy with family/life/personal issues, I haven’t had … Continue reading

Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Your Definition of Success

I have had many a client come to me and talk about all their dreams and desires and everything they want in life.  We would develop and go over their “bucket list” of achievements, have them create a vision board … Continue reading

Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Evolution of Mindset Video

Coach Kat discusses self mastery and self sabotage as she introduces her up and coming book, “SOS: Success Or Sabotage” Transformational Self-Mastery for Women Entrepreneurs, with the Startupclub.tv editor: In this video, I take you through my evolution from the … Continue reading