Vision Boarding as a part of the Law of Vibrational TheoryTM

As many of you already guessed, and like many of you, I am a big follower of Oprah Winfrey…like who isn’t? I have been taking down items from my vision board as they are achieved, and I have recently been … Continue reading

Art of Allowing: Reflections on Esther Hicks and “Abraham”

I have been listening to Esther Hicks recently. I have been a fan and follower of Esther Hicks for many years. The CD I have been listening has an excerpt from a live recording of an Art of Allowing workshop … Continue reading

Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Sexism…Yes, Sexism

I never thought I would come face-to-face with the sexist attitudes some men still have about powerful women in business! I thought it was something that “others” may have experienced and that it did not matter if only a small … Continue reading

Self Mastery: What Is a Soul?

Just a couple days ago, I was watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday when her guest was Maya Angelou.  I was watching it with my husband, relaxing and remembering seeing Maya on one of my favorite Tyler Perry movies, “Madea’s Family … Continue reading

Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: FEAR

Fear is a big problem to address for women entrepreneurs. There are many fears that my clients have faced over the years and that I have also experienced and faced.  Sometimes you have fears that you haven’t even faced, and … Continue reading

Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Finding Your Voice and Branding

It has taken me over 16 years to really find my “voice.”  Some of you may be struggling with this elusive concept of “finding your voice.”  This takes some time and self exploration in order to identify who you are … Continue reading

Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Lack of Support Network

Recently in a conversation with my marketing coordinator, Stacie, we talked about setting goals and achieving them.  When discussing my goals and related tasks with her and how we might be able to work together to make them happen, she … Continue reading

Problems Faced by Women Entrepreneurs: Finding Time

With as busy as we are, tending to our business, family, chores, exercise, paying bills, spring cleaning, etc., it’s hard to find time to fit everything in that is important…or is it? Do we as women make excuses and make … Continue reading

Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Self Sabotage vs. Self Mastery

As women, we can tend to self sabotage in many areas of our lives because we want to do it all and think we actually can AND without any help. This is such an illusion that can undermine your efforts … Continue reading