Intro to SOS

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You ask...what is the Law of Vibrational TheoryTM?
What is the Focused Expansion RuleTM?
Never heard of these?
You will now...because they are the KEY to Transformational Self-Mastery for you!
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Coach Kat

Foreword from Robert G. Allen:

For more than two decades I have been writing, lecturing, teaching and mentoring thousands of people about the importance of establishing multiple streams of income. I've been on the New York Times bestseller list with numerous books including Nothing Down, Creating Wealth, Multiple Streams of Income, and The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth.

What I found was that those who I have taught and mentored and they didn’t succeed in the ways they had hoped, had one thing in common…they sabotaged their own success, they basically got in their own way.

The media has referred to me as "the millionaire-maker" because of the great number of people who have taken my message to heart, acted on the advice I gave them, and became self-made millionaires. What’s even more important is they have approached making their millions with an enlightened wealth approach.

I created a series of retreats and an internal mentoring program called “Inner Wealth” and gave it to our V.P. of Mentoring whose only thought was to have Katheryn Olsen lead that mentoring program.  She mentored and coached those students injecting her own S.O.S. principles into the Inner Wealth theme and has helped so many of my students get past their self-sabotaging beliefs and on the road to wealth!

Katheryn Olsen, whom we also call “Coach Kat,” the author of this transformational book, is one of my top mentors and famous within the Robert Allen companies.  Whenever I speak with any of my students who have been touched by, listened to, or spoken with Kat, they gush about her and how she has changed their lives.

She will change your life, too.

Kat's book delivers a truly important message that the masses need to know:

S.O.S. details the four major areas in which you doubt and question yourself. This evaluation helps you identify, through practical exercises, where you are getting in your own way. S.O.S. provides real and practical guidance using unknown and untold Law of Vibrational Theory© techniques to realize your desires and goals.

Millions of people who have tried using the law of attraction with frustration will find this a refreshing and practical approach that no other book or program has ever offered and will truly find success, just like many already have.

I'm not aware of any other material like this available anywhere. There are so many books, programs and courses that just address the lack of “belief” and dealing with fears.  There is nothing out there this complete. Kat goes into “ability, believability, deservability, and permissibility,” and makes you face all your doubts in a gentle and endearing way.  THEN, she ties it into untold strategies of harnessing the Focused Expansion Rule©.

"S.O.S.: Success or Sabotage" holds a valuable place in my own personal resource library. Congratulations to you for making it a part of yours too. But don't just put this on your bookshelf. Use it!

Many books will help you address your lack of belief and fears but THIS BOOK
is what you will need for the deeper self-analysis to help you get out of your own way…permanently.

Prosperously yours,