4 “itty” words

Doubts Of Self

self-sabotage-behaviorsI will help you identify where you doubt yourself and I will share real-life strategies to help you remove those doubts.  In the last 20 years of my journey, I have found myself questioning and doubting myself when I haven’t met my goals and my life was in chaos.

Once you work through and remove your doubts around these four “itty” words presented below, there is NO stopping you and your success.  Removal of these doubts is the sixth step in the Law of Vibrational Theory.TM  If you would like to get into these steps, you will need to get your free account with us by clicking here.

Law of Vibrational TheoryTM

law of vibrational theoryThrough the development of the concepts of S.O.S., I have discovered this universal law.  This is different than the law of vibration, and it’s different than the law of attraction, although these two laws form the basis of the Law of Vibrational Theory.TM  These two basic laws are missing some key, critical components that make them fail for many.  This is one of the main reasons so many people became frustrated with “The Secret.”  I am a strong proponent for the law of attraction and have been using it for years.  I have found those key, critical components and weaved them into the Law of Vibrational Theory.TM

During my years of business and life coaching and in my contacts and journeys with my thousands of one-on-one coaching clients, I have identified exactly where each and every one of them gets stuck.

They have always fallen into one or more of these four areas:





Every single time, without exception, one or more of these four areas have been in question when evaluating what got in the way.

self sabotaging behaviors results in dis-abilityThis results in “Dis-Ability,” procrastination, delay, scattered goals, discouragement.

In my years of my own personal development, in reading books, listening to tapes/CD’s and going to seminars and workshops, I have never seen anyone put all of these together.

Mostly, the approaches I have been exposed to in the various books, tapes and seminars, albeit effective for many, only focus in on one of these areas, mostly believability and fear.

Fear is the emotional reaction to your doubts around these four areas...

remove the doubts and you remove the fear.

I am here to assist you in developing a full balance in your life and in getting all that you desire in life and in business, and to help you master the Law of Vibrational TheoryTM and the Focused Expansion Rule.TM

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