Self Sabotage: The “Shiny Object Syndrome”

self-sabotage-shiny-object-syndromeI was listening to a webinar last year and learned about what was termed, the "shiny object syndrome."  I do not remember who was conducting the webiner, but I believe it was Maria Gudellis.  I also believe she was quoting someone else.

Regardless, it was a great lesson on focus.

The shiny object syndrome is about being so excited about deciding to venture out on your own in business, perhaps working from home, and you are undecided on what exactly it is you want to DO in business.

This indecision is where it starts.

Then, you start seeking guidance and join webinars and go to seminars and get exciting new courses and join coaching groups to learn, learn, learn.

women-entrepreneurs-multi-task-overwhelmThen, you begin to work one of the programs you are so excited about and there is a lot of time and effort you put into the program.  Then, it starts to get hard and overwhelming and you begin to slack off the action items on your calendar.

You get distracted and begin checking your email before you start your action items for the day.  You know you need to move through your program more, you see an email that takes you to a link and you begin to listen to a teleseminar about a different approach to marketing.  You get excited and buy that program.

...And you give up on the prior program, maybe a few weeks to a few months into the program because you are impatient with the results.  You believe the new program will give you better and faster results.

Then...a few weeks or months down the road, the new program excitement begins to fade and you are into the work and the feelings of overwhelm that always accompany learning something new begin to creep in...and you move onto the the next

shiny object...

3d human with a red exclamation markThat, my friends, is the "shiny object syndrome."  You are easily distracted and bounce around from project to project, not finishing anything.

You do not finish learning about and executing that new marketing plan or business plan long enough to see the fruits of your labor, so you move onto the next exciting "thing."

So, then you believe that nothing is working for you and you have spent time, money, energy, frustration...and overwhelm and feelings of doubt and failure are the result.

Even though I was fairly successful in business over the last several years, I still found myself being attracted to the next new thing, the next shiny object.

Although I was attracted to the next new thing, I would resist abandoning my project or current activity in order to jump on to the shiny object.

There were times that I would learn about new approaches, new businesses, new marketing ideas, but I would not abandon my current activities.

Only this year did I decide to de-commit from several projects I had been working on and focus exclusively on my recently released book.  Anything that does not fall under the goals of this project get a big fat NO...

Oh, how things have changed in only five months!  Here is what I have done:

  • Picture 16Finished my book's manuscript
  • Designed the cover
  • Self-published
  • Book is now on amazon and barnesandnoble and other bookstores
  • Many online social media marketing channels are launched
  • Website is complete
  • Signed a contract with a JV Broker
  • Finishing the affiliate/JV program
  • In talks about co-hosting a new blogtalkradio show
  • Featured as a keynote speaker (10,000+ audience) on the topics in the book
  • Featured in WE Magazine For Women
  • three press releases published

...and many other exciting things that I am attracting into my life around the philosophies in my book.

I attribute this all to the concepts around the Focused Expansion RuleTM which is all about what it infers...focusing around the feelings of expansion.  The book, "SOS, Success or Sabotage" goes into a lot more detail about how to do this successfully.

Oh...and by the way...shiny object syndrome also is "SOS"  hahahaha!

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs
Transformational Public Speaker

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