Self Sabotage: a Personal Story

self-sabotage-talkI talk alot about self-sabotage and how to avoid and eliminate actions that are sabotaging.  I talk alot about how to use the Law of Vibrational Theory in getting out of your own way.  I talk alot about women entrepreneurs and the unique challenges we have.

Most recently I have found myself again in a loop of my own self sabotage.  I have attracted several issues into my life to make myself so busy addressing them...that I have let my blogging and my website promotions slip by the wayside.

Keeping yourself so busy that you are in a constant state of potential overwhelm is an elusive way to sabotage yourself and I find myself doing just that!

self-sabotage-fightMy husband has had a constant battle with the Utah Office of Recovery Services in getting his child support withholding corrected.  They have consistently taken way too much out of every single paycheck for the last two years.  From our accounts of his paychecks and what ORS has on file, they owe him a refund of overpayments of over $2,200.

For two years we have been fighting to get his withholding corrected, now that it's correct we are fighting to get the refund owed back to him.  They cannot track down where the overpayment funds went.  It's complicated because they are collecting for an Alabama order and Alabama is not cooperating, either.

What we ask ourselves at this point did we attract this?  How can we use the Focused Expansion Rule and the Law of Vibrational Theory to resolve this and find some peace and resolution?

law-of-attractionWe finally called for an administrative review at ORS of the entire file and the officer is auditing the file, however, she cannot find over $900 of the overpayment and has told us that we very well may not get it back! It doesn't seem like much at all, but it IS money that my husband worked for and deserves to receive without the government interceding.

I have started to visualize a check in the mail for the amount owing to him.  I have asked him to do the same. We are creating a check to put on our vision boards this week. With love, respect, peace, expectation and the feelings that are there when we receive that check are all now being transmitted to the Universe.  We are working on detaching emotion from the work of obtaining the monies, the follow up calls and emails, and we are giving it to the Universe to calmly and quickly resolve.

Wish us success.

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs
Author, "SOS, Success Or Sabotage"

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