Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Self Mastery

Woman-entrepreneur-self-masteryIn working with entrepreneurs throughout the years, I have found that the majority of them have been women.  Women who have been fairly successful up to the point of seeking me out.  Some had just been starting out and wanted the pathway laid out for them to minimize the learning curve and get to their end goal much faster.

That is one facet of my coaching and mentoring, but back to the subject: self-mastery.

What is considered self-mastery?  What is the definition?

According to


[self-mas-tuh-ree, -mah-stuh-, self-]  Show IPA


self-masterySo, according to the definition, it is very basic, self-mastery is the same as self-control.

The reason so many of you may feel a lack of success or a lack of speedy results towards your end goal is because of the lack of self-control.  This also points to the lack of focus.

The lack of self-control and the lack of focus all points to the sub-conscious conditioning of the employee mindset I have talked so often about.  The employee mindset...the way of thinking that is not necessarily self guided, but guided by external sources.  "Waiting for further instruction," which many of my clients, after having this pointed out to them, completely agreed that this is where they had been stuck.

Discovering this one factor, identifying with it and looking it straight in the face, helped in eliminating that pattern of thought, therefore eliminating that pattern of self-sabotage behavior.

How do you identify if you are in the employee mindset?  That is a good question.

women-entrepreneurs-networkingWhen you look at your activities, let's say...your marketing activities.  Are the majority of your marketing activities passive?  In other words, are you placing advertisements and waiting for the phone to ring?  Passive activities would be categorized as leaning towards the employee mindset.  If your marketing activities were more active, such as face-to-face networking, then you are moving towards the entrepreneurial mindset.

When you not only take full responsibility but full ownership of the direction of you and your business, then you are moving towards self-control, hence self-mastery.

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs
Transformational Public Speaker

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