Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Lack of Support Network

women entrepreneurs and setting goals to get a support networkRecently in a conversation with my marketing coordinator, Stacie, we talked about setting goals and achieving them.  When discussing my goals and related tasks with her and how we might be able to work together to make them happen, she interjected a surprising fact.

She admired and was even envious of how my husband supported everything I have done and want to do in building this business of mine.  She enlightened me in how so many of her girlfriends have husbands and boyfriends who do not support their dreams.

I found myself feeling blessed andvery fortunate to have a husband that supports and helps me grow my business!  My family is also on board with positive statements and love all around in support of what I do.

Women entrepreneur groupsIn my book, "SOS," I talk about how this has not always been my perception of my family while growing up and in my 20's.  I felt and feared my family would degrade my efforts and criticize my dreams, so I never shared them.  I just took action and shared my successes after the fact.  This can be a very lonely time for someone such as yourself who may perceive a lack of support.

What I suggest and recommend is to join offline and online groups that you know are going through the same types of problems.  There are facebook groups, linkedin groups, online forums such as (Work At Home Moms).  Find some that are related to your business and find your support in an external area.

How many of you out there find this lack of support from your husband or loved ones?  Share your feelings and thoughts below.

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs
Transformational Public Speaker

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