Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Finding Your Voice and Branding

problems-faced-by-women-entrepreneurs-finding-voice-brandingIt has taken me over 16 years to really find my "voice."  Some of you may be struggling with this elusive concept of "finding your voice."  This takes some time and self exploration in order to identify who you are and the message you want to attach to your business and essentially to yourself.

But, what does it mean to find your voice?  It means to seek from within yourself that which is unique and the "why" behind your potential passions in life.  If you do not know what your passions are, then you are in for a journey of self-discovery.  There are many questions you can ask yourself to explore this.  I was reading an article that has many questions found here:

This article goes over 10 questions you can ask yourself in order to dig deep into self discovery.  I also recommend that you take a good couple of hours and break out your journal.  If you do not have a journal...START ONE RIGHT NOW.  Get a 3-ring binder and add paper.  Date it at the top.  You have now started your journal.  Keeping a daily journal for the rest of your life will accelerate your business and personal growth exponentially.  It is vital and critical for accelerated success in your life.

Then, go to the article and begin to explore and start to create your vision of your life and find your voice.  Once you find your voice, you will begin to refine it.  This is OK, let the evolution of your voice happen.  This is the beginning of branding your image and your business.

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs
Transformational Public Speaker

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