Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Establishing Healthy Boundaries

women-entrepreneurs-boundariesWhen I have talked about the differences between the Employee Mindset and the Entrepreneurial Mindset, I have oftentimes encountered my clients who believe they have the entrepreneurial mindset tell me, "I've been so busy with family/life/personal issues, I haven't had time to focus on my business for the past several days."

How many of you feel the same way sometimes?

I hear the silent nod from many of you...yes, I do.

Most of the time, the problem arises when you are working from your home office and have not set healthy boundaries.  The objection is usually that this is the reason you like to work from home...the flexibility.

Yes, but you are still working and you get to honor your work and the time you spend in your work.

women-entrepreneurs-frustratedWhen learning something new and tackling the next phase of your new project, say...a new website.  You find yourself frustrated in this learning curve.  Then, you realize that you have some chores and errands you forgot to run...or...have to run, like...right now.

This is where the "real emergency" or "fake emergency" test comes in.  When this has happened to any of my clients, I ask them, is this a real or fake emergency?

A real emergency is if you were working for a boss and you went to this boss in the middle of your workday and told him/her that you had to go right away to handle it.  If your boss would say that it was OK to leave right then, this would be a real emergency.  If your boss would laugh at you and tell you to get back to work and that your "emergency" can wait until you get off work.

real-and-fake-emergenciesI know that going to get the milk and eggs may seem like a real emergency when you want to escape your frustration, but you get to schedule that in after your work time and work through your frustration of your learning curve. This will help you eliminate the "fake emergencies" and minimize this self-sabotaging behavior.

Yes, I know you work for yourself, however, you get to hold yourself to the same standards in your home office as you would any work environment.  This is part of the true Entrepreneurial Mindset.

This is why it is so important to have a written time management plan and to stick to it.  When you work in the flexibility that you like into your schedule, you can assure yourself that you will also be able to honor the time you set aside for your work.

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs
Transformational Public Speaker

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