Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Your Definition of Success

women-entrepreneurs-dream-visionboardI have had many a client come to me and talk about all their dreams and desires and everything they want in life.  We would develop and go over their "bucket list" of achievements, have them create a vision board with pictures they would print from online or cut out from magazines and then we would begin to create a plan around this initial work.  I use and teach the Law of Vibrational TheoryTM to do this.

Some of my clients would have an overflowing board, some would struggle to fill up their board.  For me, I struggle to fill up my board.  I felt so much pressure to add so many material things to it.  I started to explore this pressure to determine its source.

What I found out was that the pressure to accumulate possessions was an external pressure I accepted and internalized.  The pressure from society to show off my fortunes and have the "rich" status symbols was the source.  Some of it I wanted, some of it I did not.

visionboardMy vision board is now more predominantly about improving relationships.  Yes, there are monetary goals and a few possessions, however, those possessions are going to be used to create memories and to create experiences to enrich life with my loved ones and with my clients.

There are times that I want a specific item and I will put that item up on my vision board, but I have found that my internal motivations are not so much about accumulating material possessions.  They are more about improving relationships and being of service.  The monetary gains follow.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to accumulate material possessions and have status symbols.  I still have one possession on my board that is a status symbol that, once obtained, I will view it as a reward for accomplishing a certain benchmark.  This is about having fun with the money!

women-entrepreneur-soul-searchI always encourage my clients to dig deep and really discover what their internal motivations are and their internal drives.  I also help them define what the external drives might be and discover if they are in harmony with what they truly want in life.  Oftentimes, they have found that both external and internal motivations do not harmonize.  Once adjusted, it is much easier to create a vision board and a plan around what you truly want in life, not what is expected of you from others or society.

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs

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