Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs: Self Sabotage vs. Self Mastery

As women, we can tend to self sabotage in many areas of our lives because we want to do it all and think we actually can AND without any help.

Success illusion: Do you see an old woman or a young woman?

Old woman or a young lady?

This is such an illusion that can undermine your efforts to create and manifest the success you desire.

As a woman, I want success in business, love, marriage, relationships with my sons, my Mother, my body, spiritually and I want it all NOW!

The employee mindset has conditioned us to actually become impatient with the process of manifesting, which takes focus.  Focus on the next goal and not create too many goals all at once.  This is a self-sabotaging behavior.

Focus...and add emotional energy to that focus, on one goal at a time.  If you try to work on too many goals at once, you will delay your progress and create even more frustration for yourself, which is another self-sabotaging behavior.

Here is a scenario to help you understand what focus really means.

Self Mastery requires focus and singular goal settingLet's say you have a bow and arrow and you have three red and white targets.  Can you focus on all three at the same time and expect to hit the bullseye on each of them all at once?

Probably not!

Those three targets are still there, but focus on one with all your energy, concentrate and remain still, you will most likely get a bullseye after some practice and a few shots.

This is the same thing with focusing on a goal you establish for yourself.  Once you sharpen your skills at focusing and getting that bullseye consistently, then you can begin to add to your goals and achieve them much more quickly.

This is beginning the process of self mastery.

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs
Transformational Public Speaker

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