Law of Vibrational Theory: An Introduction on How the Law of Attraction Has Evolved

The-Secret-law-of-attractionOver the years, I have watched, studied, observed and participated in the law of attraction and how it has evolved.

I first read about this body of work through Esther Hicks and her book "Ask and It Is Given," and then I soon found out about the DVD "The Secret."  The Secret was a very simplified introduction to the law of attraction and the book "Ask and It Is Give" takes you a bit deeper into the law.

In recent years, I have read so much about how people are frustrated with the law of attraction and how it doesn't work and how you have to take action to align yourself with the universal vibrations of what you are asking for.

"The Secret" simplifies the law of attraction and helps you understand the basic concepts that define the law of attraction. In order to harness the law of attraction you have to understand these three simple steps:

law-of-attraction-steps1) You ask,

2) the Universe answers every time; and

3) you allow or receive.

Many have taken these three steps and used them with success and many have taken these same steps and failed miserably, only observing how the law of attraction brings to them the negative thoughts and energies they surround themselves with.

I'm not sure which one of these explains you. I also took these same three steps and used them. What I knew and know about the Entrepreneurial Mindset I put into practice along with these steps. Only recently did I realize upon deep meditation, that I discovered an expanded law, an evolution of the law of attraction, that I now term the Law of Vibrational Theory.

Even though the law of attraction sounds good, it had been simplified, and it spreads hope for better and more positives futures for people. There are steps that you still have to figure out, though, such as "how do you allow?" What does that mean?

Allowing is the most critical of all three steps and the step in which you have the most control.

The Law of Vibrational Theory has seven steps and fills in the gaps that left so many questioning how to really harness the law of attraction. The seven steps to the Law of Vibrational Theory are:

decide-what-you-want1. Decide what you want. You would be amazed at how many people have not really decided what they want!

There are two ways you can do this. One way is to get really specific and detailed in what you want so you can get very clear and focused on it with your emotional energy. You may even create a vision board to help achieve this.

This way is the most popular way, so far.

The other way is to be very general, such as "bring me a car that is reliable, gets great gas mileage and that I will enjoy for the next five years." The universe will begin to line these energies up for you. Then, from what you want, begin to set goals. Even though the Universe takes care of the "How," you can still take steps to create action items or goals.

vision-boarding2. Write down or create a vision board based on your goals from step 1. Write down as much as you can and then add to what you create as you evaluate each month what it is you want in your life and in your business. This detail is SO important.

If you do not use the visual aspect of writing the words down and/or creating a vision board, you will miss out on creating the focus of emotional energy needed to activate the Law and the Universe. There are many tools available to successfully do this in the book, "SOS, Success Or Sabotage."

goal-setting3. Decide and research what tasks need to happen for each goal to be achieved. In goal setting courses, this is often referred to as breaking down the goal. Research roughly how long each task is going to take to complete. You might be way off in the beginning, but this step is critical in becoming successful in harnessing the Law.

meditate-for-law-of-attraction4. Meditate to achieve a vibrational match to the goal. This means that you meditate on the emotional energy of the goal. Creating the emotional energy feeds into visualization, which is the next step.

5. Visualize. This attaches the emotional energy and feeling of expansion and it allows you to put yourself in the space of having the goal. It allows you to feel what it is like to achieve the goal.

doubts-around-4-itty-words6. Address the four "itty" words and your doubts around them. Once you address these, they may not totally go away. Sometimes they rear their ugly heads, but you will have strategies to identify and remove the doubts around them. Those four "itty" words are: ability, believability, deservability and permissibility.

7. Once you have removed the doubts around the four "itty" words, your goal or desire will happen every time.

What is interesting is that although the goal may not happen exactly as you have planned it, it is still important to plan and set goals.

The end result that you were wanting to manifest may come forth in a different form. It is up to you to identify it if it presents itself in a different form.

love-law-of-attractionA good example of this was after my divorce, I was in no rush to find love, although I had not lost all hope on love. I had always attracted men of a different ethnicity, which was fine because I had been married to a black man and have two beautiful mixed race sons.

So, I assumed that I would probably get together with another man of a different ethnic background when I found love again. I was mostly attracted to men that were tall, fit and quite handsome.

About 6-7 years ago, when I met up with an old school friend I had known since 3rd grade, whom I had a crush on throughout my younger school-aged days, I had no idea that seeing him again would make my heart skip a beat!

family-bondsHe did not fit the mold of what I thought would be attractive. He is of Caucasian descent as am I. He did not look like the young man I had known way back in school. He had gained several pounds, as had I. He had a full salt and pepper beard and mustache, which was an attribute in a man that was never attractive to me.

However, I was so attracted to him and he IS handsome, I was amazed. I never had been attracted to the "bear" type, but I was attracted to him and I looked beyond the physical. If I had not been paying attention with an open heart to what I was asking the Universe for and what I was manifesting, I would have missed out on the love of my life, my current husband and subsequently my youngest son.

The Law of Vibrational Theory works, if you are just willing enough to learn and master how to harness it. You will find success every time!

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs
Transformational Public Speaker
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