JV & Affiliates

woman-entrepreneur-affiliateJoint Ventures and Affiliates, get ready to make money promoting the cutting edge philosophies of "SOS, Success Or Sabotage, Transformational Self-Mastery for Entrepreneurs." The products that you will be promoting are based on the concepts and strategies shared in the book of the same title.

This suite of products and services will help you and your customers learn how to eliminate self sabotage and move towards their success in business, life and love! You will also earn 50% on all revenue generated from your promotions.

You will have the opportunity to promote anything from the free training videos, to low-priced ebooks, to mid-level self-mastery trainings, all the way up to high-level group mentoring. This could mean a 6-7 figure income for you!

There is also a 2-tier opportunity that if you promote this affiliate program to your affiliates, you will also receive 10% on the work your affiliates do. This is mainly for those of you who are JV brokers and want to get involved in a highly credible and lucrative opportunity with an expert in the field of Vibrational Theory and Entrepreneurship.

woman-entrepreneur-teleconferencesFor those of you who have a list of stark raving fans that total 10,000 or more, let me know and I will conduct personal webinars, teleseminars and/or video interviews for you to promote to your list.

Affiliate Program in development, stay tuned for announcements!