Entrepreneurial Mindset

emtrepreneurial-mindsetBeing successfully self-employed takes the Entrepreneurial Mindset, which is a much more proactive mindset than the Employee Mindset.  If you don’t know what to do, then you figure it out.

You make phone calls, you get a coach or mentor, you call the local chamber of commerce, you go to networking events, ask questions, ask around, call the state office building, and contact the SBA (Small Business Administration) until you find your answer.

You don’t wait for your business associates, or your upline, or anyone to give you the answers.

You find the answers on your own.

The essence of the Entrepreneurial Mindset is ownership of your circumstances, control of your time and understanding that you always have choices in any given situation.  You own what you do, you own your decisions, you own your failures, and most importantly,

You own your successes.

So, What Are the Differences Between the Employee Mindset and the Entrepreneurial Mindset?

illusion-self-sabotageLet’s say you come up with a good idea in your job, and you share the idea with your boss, and that idea saves the company a lot of money.  The company experiences a 10% profit increase in the next quarter.  Yay company!

But, do you see a dime of the 10% profit increase in your next paycheck?  You do not own that success, the company you work for owns that success.  You feel employment security…

           …Another illusion.

Let’s look at the flip side to this coin.  Let’s say you are working in a job and you find out at 4:45 p.m. that you are losing your job.  There have been massive layoffs, the company is filing bankruptcy.

You spend the remaining 15 minutes cleaning out your desk, putting your stuff in a box, never to see that desk again, never to return to that job again.  I’ve been there; many of you may have been there, too.

employee-mindset-lost-jobIt’s scary, it’s sad…you are worried where your next car payment is coming from, or where next week’s groceries are coming from.

You know you will be re-vamping your resume’, beating the streets begging for interviews, 12 hours a day, hoping you will get another job.

You may get another job in a few days…or a few weeks…or a few months…or longer.


You can walk away from that job knowing you do not own that failure.

This is the essence of the Employee Mindset.

In the Entrepreneurial Mindset, you own every success, every failure, and you are in control of how you respond to all things in your environment.

Some of you may not like to hear that.  You are not stuck where you are, you do not have to stay in that job, or any situation, for that matter, if you do not want to.

business-woman-powerYou own your circumstances and your choices.

You are NOT a victim.

Therefore, you have the power to control your circumstances, and the power to control your direction.

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