Law of Attraction: Is Action Required?

There is much debate right now in many online forums, discussion boards, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc., about whether or not action is a requirement to harness the law of attraction. This is just a surface question which has called for a … Continue reading

Self Sabotage: a Personal Story

I talk alot about self-sabotage and how to avoid and eliminate actions that are sabotaging.  I talk alot about how to use the Law of Vibrational Theory in getting out of your own way.  I talk alot about women entrepreneurs … Continue reading

Vision Boarding as a part of the Law of Vibrational TheoryTM

As many of you already guessed, and like many of you, I am a big follower of Oprah Winfrey…like who isn’t? I have been taking down items from my vision board as they are achieved, and I have recently been … Continue reading