About the Book “SOS”

SOS Overview

Transformational Self-Mastery for EntrepreneursIt’s no "secret" that millions of people believe in the law of attraction and that many are frustrated with their lack of satisfying and positive results. Some, like me, have had success with harnessing the law of attraction and getting many things in life they want and desire.

Those that are not successful do not realize that 99% of the time the reason they do not achieve the success they want in life is because of self-sabotage and the conditioned mindset they were taught at a very young age that they still carry with them. Most do not realize that success is a choice.

S.O.S. details to you the four areas in which you doubt and question yourself. This evaluation helps you identify, through practical exercises, where you may be getting in your own way. S.O.S. provides real and practical guidance using the unknown Law of Vibrational TheoryTM and untold Focused Expansion RuleTM and techniques to manifest your desires and goals.

Millions of people who have tried using the law of attraction with frustration will find this a refreshing and practical approach that no other book or program has ever offered and will truly find success, just like many already have.

What need does S.O.S.: Success Or SabotageTM fill?

Victim mindset equals the employee mindsetWith the huge shift to enlightenment in our current society, many are lost in how they are getting in their own way and they are stuck in the conditioning of the victim mindset and do not even know it. That is .... until now.

S.O.S.: Success Or SabotageTM is a new approach to harnessing the Law of Vibrational TheoryTM by identifying the underlying reasons you are not successful and how you sabotage yourself in the pursuit of realizing your goals and desires in life.

There are other books and programs that identify the three steps to the law of attraction, which is a simplified version of the Law of Vibrational TheoryTM.  These books offer conceptual ideas to learn about the basics of the law of attraction, which is a good start.

The Law of Vibrational TheoryTM incorporates seven steps, not three. So many of these books and programs address the “belief” part and do not include practical “how-to’s” to apply these concepts to your everyday life. They are great for beginners who want to understand these basic concepts.

There is a gap between the conceptual exercises and real world self-evaluation based on all four areas of “ability, believability, deservability and permissibility” that nobody has effectively bridged, until now.

And this is where S.O.S. comes in to take you to the next levels of mastery.

These other books and programs treat the symptoms rather than curing the “dis-ease.”

Why is S.O.S.: Success Or SabotageTM a groundbreaking book?

self sabotageThis book has the cure to the dis-ease, not just more treatments for the symptoms. S.O.S. addresses the underlying problems as to how and why you get in your own way. This book offers practical exercises, bases on what you learn about yourself, to help you get out of your own way permanently.

Once you hear the S.O.S. concept, you may realize that you ARE the one getting in your own way. You are able to really take full responsibility for yourself in ways that make a huge difference in your life. It is really quite refreshing. It allows you to become very honest with yourself and to then be able to align yourself with what you are asking for by using the Focused Expansion RuleTM.

After working with hundreds of students and clients with these concepts, I know this message needs to get out to the world and help millions of people, including yourself, evolve into who you truly want to be and make a difference in your life.

What benefits does S.O.S.: Success Or SabotageTM offer readers?

S.O.S. primarily teaches the four areas in which we all question and doubt ourselves. This is usually on a more subconscious level. S.O.S. brings it to the conscious level and once the awareness is achieved through self-evaluation, then practical exercises are offered to achieve permanent change and evolution.

In doing so, S.O.S. teaches you how to use the Focused Expansion RuleTM to truly harness the  Law of Vibrational TheoryTM. Once you remove your doubts in your own “ability, believability, deservability and permissibility,” there is nothing stopping you from success!

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