Getting Back to Basics with the Law of Attraction

When I first learned of the law of attraction, I felt that I knew about it all along, on an intuitive level.  This was exactly what Oprah said when she had the guest panel from the movie "The Secret" on her show, discussing how the law of attraction works. When this came out, there was such a mainstream thrust about the law of attraction.

After a couple of years, so many people began calling it a hoax and that id does not work.

I know there are thousands and thousands of stories out there that prove this law works. The issue that I see coming into play is that many who claim it does not work are not understanding the three steps involved. I have also read so many books and programs that have attempted to address this, to no avail.

I have found that there is a much larger picture involved that has more than the three steps of 1) ask, 2) universe answers, and 3) allow/align. Not many people know what allowing or aligning actually means.

steps-to-law-of-vibrational-theorySince I have been coaching and training entrepreneurs, and developing my own entrepreneurial mindset for the last 25 years, I developed a few additional steps, related concepts and strategies that really address the missing pieces.

I call this the Law of Vibrational Theory and it has seven, not three steps. You can read more about the Law of Vibrational Theory in the book, "SOS, Success Or Sabotage; Transformational Self-Mastery for Entrepreneurs" available in book stores online and across the country.

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs
Transformational Public Speaker


Getting Back to Basics with the Law of Attraction — 2 Comments

  1. Very interesting, Kat. Keeping high vibrations is very important in Law of Attraction success. Have to check out your book, but I think we’re on the same path. The low, negative vibrations we give off or even just hold internally will lower your chances of success for sure.

  2. Yes, and the law of attraction has really evolved into more. The basics are good and necessary to practice and understand, and then seeking mastery is where many get lost. It came to me in a meditation about the Law of Vibrational TheoryTM. Thank you for your reply, let me know if you have any further questions.