Art of Allowing: Reflections on Esther Hicks and “Abraham”

law-of-attraction-evolving-esther-hicksI have been listening to Esther Hicks recently. I have been a fan and follower of Esther Hicks for many years.

The CD I have been listening has an excerpt from a live recording of an Art of Allowing workshop where Jerry Hicks is narrating from the book and the live workshop from "The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intent."

As I have been listening, I have been hearing messages and items that I had not heard before. Have you ever had that happen? Listen to a CD over and over again and continue to get something new from it every time?

I have also been reading and researching for years what others have to say about the law of attraction and Esther and Jerry Hicks are the pioneers of the concept and named it "law of attraction." Although, the concept itself is centuries old.

Action-LOAThe biggest message lately is that the law of attraction does not work without ACTION.

This is what all the buzz is about and how people who have failed at using the law of attraction gripe about. This is another reason that I had developed the Law of Vibrational Theory, to incorporate action steps into the basic law of attraction.

So, about taking ACTION...I believe the law of attraction DOES work without what is conventionally seen as "action." The action that is sometimes needed is a change in a belief and the exercise of that neuropathway to charge and energize the new thought pattern.

There have been too many cases and stories of healing based on the powerful use of the mind...only. Is this considered action? This IS considered the law of attraction.

manifest-great-parking-spotI personally have attracted the clouds to stop raining on three different occasions by chanting "I want a dry windshield", AND a deer to appear seemingly out of nowhere on a state highway I was traveling...simply because I announced excitedly that I wanted to see a deer! I also manifest open parking spaces within 4 spots from the front of the store, every time.

These examples, out of many, did not REQUIRE action, just thought, good feelings and a "rocket of desire" going out into the universe.

What I see happening for so many people is that they are not lined up with receiving what they are asking for from the Universe (hence using the law of attraction to get it). In the cases of where action is not used or required, then the individual does not require action in order to receive and have what they are asking for come into their experience.

vibrational-matchingI see how the understanding of the law of attraction is evolving and in more than 90% of all cases of using the law of attraction, some form of action is absolutely necessary in order to find the vibrational match to what you are asking for.

IF you can find the vibrational match of what you are asking for without taking action, then what you are asking for can and will still manifest into your experience.

The big word in that last sentence: "IF"

Katheryn L. Olsen
"Coach Kat"
Self-Mastery Coach for Entrepreneurs
Transformational Public Speaker

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